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A Digital Production Company

We are focused on creating quality driven stories through creativity and technology driven innovation

Our Exceptional service

We understand every project is distinct in its nature and we are constantly up to the task of introducing dynamic technological and human strategies, in our methods and approach to deliver success every time.

Digital Editing

We are known for our skill in cutting images, video or any related content and joining them to tell the perfect story, While meeting our client's utmost satisfaction. We edit projects ranging from, Films, Music videos, Events, and Documentary not left out.

Color Grading

Our in-depth understanding of color science gives us an impeccable edge in producing images in their truest color forms to fit into the narrative that is being told and served.
Our color process involves advance techniques, giving each grade the perfect mood.


Our translating and subtitling of speech to text to both English and various local and international languages is of the highest accuracy. We understand the essence of correct language translation to ensure the message spoken is not lost or misinterpreted.

Video Production

We deliver top-notch video production services using the best of technological innovations, experienced directors and an effective team to deliver high quality videos for any project.
We posses a required zeal to deliver only quality at all times

Sound Design

The place of sound to create the right mood for film, documentary, commercials and atmosphere is key. Our team of sound creators are skilled in the art of creating original sound scores synonymous to your project alone, with all rights to you.


We believe your film is cinema worthy and yes, it should be cinema ready. Our cinematic conversion is accurate, on time and of the highest quality you can ever imagine.
Not even to worry as it is also available on pocket friendly budget for all projects.


We are Driven, Committed, innovative, and Team Oriented.


Our works definitely speak volumes

UMOJA: AFRIFF 2021 Official selection 2021

GOBE: AFRIFF Official Selection 2021

YAHOO +: Eastern International Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

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We are always excited to embark on a new journey with you and your project.
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Our Studios Address

Call: +234 813 6183 295.
Address: Divine Homes Estate, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

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Our Policy

We create from a place of deep commitment and passion for the art. It's either all or nothing.
So we go all out to guarantee quality on budget.

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Partner with us

We are focused on creating quality-driven stories & content through visuals, teamwork, creativity, innovation, and a healthy work environment.